A new side of This is Latin America, in which we will tell the stories of the pieces, the hands and the faces of those who keep the tradition of making handcrafted pieces alive, with their hands, through the earth, fire, minerals, that honor their ancestors and that today are mixed with the most avant-garde trends of design, to create unique pieces.

TILA Magazine We will transport you to the most fantastic corners of Latin America, you will know its people, its customs, its colors, its gastronomy and everything that makes this area of the world unique.

TILA Magazine also means today a connection point between millions of Latin Americans who live outside their countries of origin and will be a meeting point for all those who do not know these lands.

Refugio by lorenzo

Refugio (shelter) is an artistic proposal developed around home, identity and the nostalgia of when people migrate to another place, that place that is often a geographical space and other times just a mental space.

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Monthis a celebration of the Hispanic community and its relevance in the United States. Every year the Hispanic population increases. According to the United States Census Bureau, the Hispanic population in the United States was 600,572,237 people in 2019; an increase of 20% since 2010! Nevertheless, the impact of the Hispanic community goes beyond mere numbers. Its culture and traditions influence society and the economy.

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The history behind Chiles en Nogada

This dish has green, white and red of the Mexican flag which also makes this a patriotic dish. Discover who made this traditional dish.


Renovating and taking care of our space can be a demonstration of self-love, especially with handcrafted pieces and elements that make us feel closer to nature...

oaxacaXamor: the best of Oaxacan culture

Mexico has amazing colors, flavors and smells that are mixed with culture and traditions, but there is a place where all these wonders come together, giving life to a unique place called Oaxaca. That’s why the oaxacaXamor project in collaboration with This is Latin America seeks to break borders to show the best of the crafts created and inspired by Oaxaca, where each piece has a story told by its creators.

5 curiosities about Nicaragua

In This is Latin America we will guide you through a tour to know the colors and flavors of the different countries of Latin America, we will show you more about their culture, diversity and traditions.
This week we will talk about 5 curiosities about Nicaragua (the fifth one will surprise you), an incredible country known for its natural wealth.