oaxacaXamor: A project that gives you the best of Oaxacan culture

Mexico has amazing colors, flavors and smells that are mixed with culture and traditions, but there is a place where all these wonders come together, giving life to a unique place called Oaxaca.

That’s why the oaxacaXamor project in collaboration with This is Latin America seeks to break borders to show the best of the crafts created and inspired by Oaxaca, where each piece has a story told by its creators.

In oaxacaXamor it is very important to recognize each of the artisans who collaborate in the project creating beautiful handcrafted pieces and typical products from Oaxaca. Therefore, the online store oaxacaXamor.com shows the people who give life to the products, those behind the magic, showing you the certainty of their origin, as well as the craft process to create each piece with dedication and love to make it unique.

We know that the Oaxacan culture is highly recognized in the world, which is why the platform strives to show a trustworthy image according to the beauty and quality of each article, verified and approved by experts and connoisseurs of the Oaxacan culture.

At oaxacaXamor it is also important that customers have a satisfactory experience, which is why each product shown on the page has photos with measures and specific weight

Its team provides a quality service by ensuring that orders are delivered as soon as possible, through reliable carriers. Payments are 100% secure since encrypted technologies are used that guarantee the security and protection of your bank data.

Also, if you change your mind about a product, you have 7 days to contact the suppliers and return the piece in good condition and in its original packaging. Once the product arrives at the warehouses, the amount will be refunded within 7 days. For oaxacaXamor it is very important to share the Oaxacan culture and give you the best shopping experience, so we are always available to help you online.  

So now you know, This Is Latin America and oaxacaXamor share with you a lot of what Oaxaca has to offer, a culture like no other in the world.

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