Oaxaca Workshop

Look inside the Oaxacan workshop

By Rodrigo Esteva Landera

I love traveling through my country and having the opportunity to know its culture, colors, textures, gastronomy and its landscapes. Guanajuato is one of those cities that I really wanted to know and when I traveled I understood why it is one of those exceptional destinations. I let myself be surprised and dazzled by its beauty...I was capturing moments in my path and it became an unforgettable journey.

Juan Luis Alejos

These rocks brought from the mine are transformed into the mud that gives its characteristic color to the black pottery of Oaxaca.

When they produce something, they say they "lift a piece" because they took it from the ground.

When the clay is in the state of leather, the details of the piece are smoothed and refined.

The tile used to spin the plates has been used for at least three generations. Rufina received it as a gift from her mother.

Dia de Muertos Illustration. Handmade in Mexico.

The fragility of a pot already ready for the oven requires that the artisan hold the piece with the same delicacy that would carry a baby.

Dia de Muertos Illustration. Handmade in Mexico.
Dia de Muertos Illustration. Handmade in Mexico.

In the workshop Ruíz López work the clay with the technique of pre-Hispanic lathe.

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