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We have always wanted to be perceived as the place to find the Latin American creations that you won´t find anywhere else. This space has been evolving into what we can start to call the Latin American house in New York City. It was a pleasure to have NBC New York News reporter Gabi Acevedo visiting the heart of This is Latin America. You are always welcome to visit again!


When it comes to cultural diversity, New York is one of the cities that always comes out on top of the list.
New York State has the fourth largest Hispanic population in the United States. With its 3.6 million Hispanic residents, representing 6.6% of the total Hispanic population in the Nation.
2.4 million Latinos live in New York. That is 1/4 of the New York City population!

New York has a magic that makes it unique in the world. It is the incredible diversity of people in the city who are there for all sorts of fascinating reasons.
It is a hub with passionate and talented people that care and appreciates artisanal processes in food, clothing, handicrafts and art.
We believe that New York is a cultural center where we have the possibility to represent art, techniques , and folklore of Latin American creators.


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You can find a wide variety of selected products that you can certainly bring home. Choose between decor, table top & bar, room touches or clothing & accessories.

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You can click in our “Get directions” button! It will take you to Google Maps to follow the route. Our address is 70 John Street, Ground Floor. Brooklyn, New York.

All our products are crafted in Latin America and they come from different communities from the region.

We are true believers of the fair trade. We respect the artisans full price and they are always paid in advance.

All of our products are handcrafted by artisans and creators from Latin America with sustainable techniques. The use of natural, raw materials and organic pigments from the same region, makes them unique and 100% ecofriendly.

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