a muxe that is changing the world

By Cirze Tinajero

You just have to say her name and wait that an infinity of reactions to occur, is difficult that someone dont ask for a photo or want to hear her famous cry of: "Tacos, tacooooos, tacoooooos".

Marven, better known as Lady Tacos de Canasta, transcended in Mexico when we saw her fight with the police for an injustice against her, and she crossed borders by being part of Netflix’s Taco Chronicles.

Last year she opened a little restauurant located in Downtown of Mexico City, where several of her followers arrive, who long to be able to exchange a few words with her and, of course, taste her culinary delights.

“At what time is the Lady coming? Well, you know, to see her and take a photo with her,”a man asks the manager.

The question emanates a level of respect and admiration, which many Latin American politicians would already like to provoke.

Marven has gone to the market, but as soon as she arrives, her presence is a kind of magic magnet, because customers do not stop entering the restaurant.

She identifies with the community of the muxes, which has its origin in the Zapotec culture and, according to their tradition, they are people who were born biologically male, but who adopt female roles, without being in competition with anybody.

The muxes have become the third gender accepted by this indigenous society.

Looking at how successful Marven has been, it’s impossible not to wonder if a muxe would have accomplished the same thing a few years ago.

“The muxe community has not had so much visibility, and the truth is that for me it is a compliment when we have published photos where I go out with other muxes and people comment to us: ‘Many Ladys Tacos de Canasta’, and although it is not like that, It fills me with pride to know that we can say that we are here.

“However, there is still a lot to do. Although it is a recognized gender, it is also attacked, violated, it is not a community that lives in a perfect world, unfortunately there are hate crimes, discrimination,” Marven tells us in an interview.

Also, she is very proud to know that with Lady Tacos de Canasta the mexican reality has changed a bit.

“Sometimes it seems that all the work (against discrimination) that has been done in these decades is not visible, that’s why the magic of what Lady has done makes me so happy: she has brought families together, and that’s what we want, that the society be one,” says.

Beyond her admirable work with the LGBT + community, it is undeniable that her tacos de canasta are a delight, and it is not for less, when you know a little about Marven’s history.

“My dad is the one who taught me how to prepare them. 

“Without a doubt, the secret to a good taco de canasta is love, because it is homemade, a family taco, so it needs that you put your heart from home,” she confesses.

For many, Lady Tacos de Canasta is an Internet celebrity, but that does not prevent her from serving her customers with love and always being attentive to them.

“Hey be aware, the sauce is of Habanero and is spicy,” Marven tells one of her clients, while she serves other customers.

Because she, as a good muxe, always is in everything. 

Where taste her tacos?
Lady Tacos de Canasta already has two little restaurants in Mexico City:
-Santa Veracruz 9, local B, Centro Histórico.