Interesting facts about Guatemala

The country of Guatemala in Latin America is rich in history, culture, and national treasures. Officially called the Republic of Guatemala, is the 67th most populous country. Today we will talk about this amazing country.


Guatemala is the heart of the Maya civilization. In fact, several of its cities like El Mirador and Tikal were built and left in the country. Although no one is sure what caused them to disappear, there are indigenous people still thriving in the country. In fact, they make up 40% of the population of Guatemala today.


Guatemala today has three active volcanoes on its land. There is the Pacaya Volcano. Which tourists often visit to see the lava flow up close. Another is Fuego which has been constantly erupting in Antigua.


The Mayan civilization has also produced some of the best artworks in the country. In fact, most of their works are murals and free-standing stone carvings. Fast forward a few centuries and the country has produced several artists.


Shopping at Chichicastenango Market is one of the best things that you can do here. This is one of the biggest markets that you will find in Central America. In fact, this is a great place for you to immerse yourself in Mayan culture. After all, you will find local crafts here from the rural areas. You can visit it from Thursday to Sunday. 


Guatemala not only has one UNESCO World Heritage Site but three! Antigua is one of those sites which is where you will find plenty of colonial ruins. The others are Tikal National Park and the Ruins of Quiriga.

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