our project

We are a group of enthusiastic and creative Latinos who are moved by the beauty and folklore of our culture. This led us to create this platform to connect all Latin American talent with the United States through their products and creations. Building a bridge that unites us, creating a space for exchange.

We celebrate diversity through a sales platform which always promotes fair payment as a means of transaction and the best working conditions for creators and collaborators. Our goal is to reach the level of sustainability and quality needed to compete in the global market. We believe that handmade production besides preserving the ancient techniques, deserves to be shown to the world for its value and history.


In this is Latin America, we are looking to create a transparent platform in which creators find a safe selling space and with a scope that will make them reach new horizons.

This project has as its objectives the respect and admiration for the creators and their techniques. As well as projecting these skills to new spaces. We seek to generate positive changes in their lives. These are the reasons that drive us to find new possibilities and strategies in our work.


Rosa Pérez

Having a market of customers and the materials for our work, motivates us and makes us really happy.
San Andrés Larrainzar, Chiapas

Pascuala Balderas

Through this work we get ahead. It helps us to have the economy to do everything. To eat, to buy clothes, to pay our children’s school and even to go to the doctor.

Los Reyes Metzontla, Puebla

Why we do it?

We have discovered the importance of sharing the richness of Latin America through the creations of their artisans.
As a multidisciplinary team we add our knowledge to the objective of bringing to the world, the folklore and culture of our original cultures made into products, treating them with respect and value for the ancestral knowledge that has brought them here.
We want this project to be a springboard to improve the quality of life and work of the creators involved, being partners that responsibly accompanies them for a long time.

For me this project is important because we help providing artisans with work and paying for their beautiful and unique products at a fair price not only contributes financially, but also helps them continue working on what their families have done for generations.
Sofia Diaz
Special Project Manager

TILA's work is important because it dignifies the work of artisans and helps keeping them in the spotlight of the world.
My profile helps to transmit and publicize the creators of the pieces and their processes through audiovisual content.
Alexander Echevarria
Social Media

Our Commitment

We are going to tell the world the stories of the hands that work every day making their dreams come true.
We are proud from artisans and their techniques and we will continue supporting their work in the best way we know.
We are determined to share the spirit of Latin America, its culture and folklore with all of humanity, because we believe it is important for the world to see it.

We will show you the best of Latin America