About the event

For second year in a row, the biggest collection of Oaxaca will be available for the New Yorkers. Come and find out what Oaxaca has to offer in this unique event that takes place within one of the most festive dates in the year: Día de Muertos. Join us for a mezcal, traditions, and the most beautiful Altar de Muertos in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Check the agenda and save the days you don´t want to miss!

mezcal Tasting

Mezcal means "tradición", and if we speak of Día de Muertos, we want to include always our “Oro líquido”. Join us to taste and learn more about this well-known beverage that represents in the best way, what being a Mexican means. Mezcal San Bartolo will be joining us to share their creation right from the Valle de Yautepec, Oaxaca. Come and taste it on October 28th and 29th from 5 to PM. ¡Salud!

dia de muertos

...as the Festivity of Life and Death that is nowadays celebrated all over Latin America, has its origins several thousand years ago based in the belief that death is a natural phase in life’s long continuum. An altar as the centerpiece of the celebration is meant to welcome spirits back to the realm of the living. The offerings you may find can go from water, food, family photos, candles, marigolds and copal, to mezcal, pan de muerto, and sugar calaveras. Join us to learn much more about this celebration and see with your own eyes, the most beautiful Altar in Brooklyn. Save your spot and bring your own loved ones pictures so we can honor them in our Altar.

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the opening hours are from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.