These pieces of experimental jewelry combine sea stones in their natural state, collected from the coast of the big island of Chiloé, (Chile) with aluminum supports made of high-precision mechanical turning.

The aesthetic proposal of these pieces of contemporary jewelry, of sculptural order, is the result and fusion of my journey as an industrial designer in the design and manufacture of supports, hardware and metal mechanisms of an architectural order, with my passion for nature in its purest form, of the observation and collection of this organic and ancestral resource, developing in a self-taught way the manual and artisanal technique of stone drilling.

An aesthetic counterpoint, where the mechanical factory of serial objects is merged, with organic elements, unique and unrepeatable, of natural origin.

A conceptual counterpoint, where elements of the past and the future dialogue in the same object.

“My pieces seek to redefine the beauty of nature in its purest state, through a support of mechanical origin and a futuristic order, an aesthetic and conceptual counterpoint, but coherent and subtle dialogue.