Cielo Rosa is a 100% Mexican company that celebrates the beauty and creativity of traditional Mexican craftsmanship. Our curated collection of artisanal products is created in collaboration with Mexican organizations, designers, artists, and artisans.

Our products include a variety of items, from the Ceramic Mezcalero to our Hand painted wood trays in small, medium, and large sizes, our Honey Dish with honey dipper, and our Painted amate paper. Each piece is carefully crafted with dedication and attention to detail, reflecting the unique beauty and heritage of Mexican handcrafts.

At Cielo Rosa, we believe in sustainability and prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials whenever possible. By supporting traditional handcraft techniques, we aim to help sustain the artisans who practice them.

Discover the beauty and artistry of our collection and bring a touch of Mexico to your home decor. Shop with us today and be a part of our journey to promote and sustain Mexican handcrafts.

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