6 basics tips for your Spring Cleaning

With the beginning of the spring, there comes a new dose of energy in which we can take advantage of and make some improvements in our home. We put together some ideas to make this task enjoyable and highly effective for you.

1.Start with the simplest. Before venturing out to completely rearrange your closet, start with just a drawer. The intention is to not overwhelm yourself and to conquer new spaces little by little. You can use some cloth hooks to make it easier.

2. Take advantage of the reorganization of shelves and furniture to do a more thorough cleaning besides just dusting. You can also light up some candles and incense or use aromatic smoke
3. Regardless of the size of the task, this is the key to rearranging like a pro: get EVERYTHING out of the area you’re cleaning. Go through each of your belongings, choose what still works for you and separate the rest to donate, recycle, or dispose of in the trash. Then rearrange.
4. Organize in a way that makes sense to you and goes according to your daily routines. Lean on boxes, baskets, and containers that allows you to have clearly designated spaces for each thing.
  1. Don’t lose momentum. Once you’ve started reorganizing your spaces, be consistent. 

  1. Remember to work with the intention of creating more open spaces in your home, making it lighter, more functional, and more cheerful.


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