Welcome to my world of colors, in which I seek that every person that wears one of my designs feel empowered and unique "un handmade piece at a time".

I am Fernanda, creative mind & soul behind La Funky Mexicana, a restless creative since I was born - lover of dogs, shoes, colors, nopales and the ocean.

Back in 2020, after the pandemic and  living solo  in the US for years, I decided to come back to Mexico, to be close to family and reconnect with my roots – as part of a healing process- textiles, women power and colors became my medicine, therefore I started designing and la funky was born, with the intention to share life and love trough colors and an expanded heart.

We are a team of amazing, sensible and MEXICAN women behind each piece, adding the magic  into the MEXICAN POWER.

This re-invention process has been so beautiful, that today my greatest dream is to continue bringing my designs to the entire world,  and that whomever wears one them feels the same orgullo y amor que se siente ser MEXICANX.

Much love,

Fernanda, La Funky Mexicana.