Juxta Nation is a social enterprise that encourages autonomy and self-management in artisan women from Los Altos in Chiapas through a digital platform that offers contemporary textiles made with ancestral techniques. With this entrepreneurial opportunity, indigenous women participate as the producers of their small businesses and as major business partners of the platform.

Currently, Juxta Nation is collaborating with nearly 50 artisan women from Chiapas with Mayan identity and origin from the Tsotsil and Tseltal groups, who specialize in backstrap weaving, brocade weaving and embroidery. Since its creation it has been committed to transparent, traceable, multinational narratives and equal relationships that promote the empowerment of those who participate.

Juxta Nation is an initiative that arises from the partnership and work of NGOimpacto, an organization committed to the sustainable development of native peoples and the empowerment and autonomy of women and communities of Los Altos in Chiapas to strengthen their economy and the economies of their families through fair and ethical trade. We seek that all people involved in our organization fully embody the personal and collective spirit of Lekil Kuxlejal (the harmony of life).