We're a brand founded by Oaxaqueños in December 2019. We work with 12 artisans from Santo Tomas Jalieza who weave, thread by thread, the different animal designs featured in our products. Our idea was born out of a desire to preserve the identity of Latinos living in the USA and involve their pets in the process through accessories.

Product Description: Our collars are utilitarian items designed especially for pets, crafted from two materials.

Textiles: The textiles are made in Santo Tomás Jalieza, located just 60 minutes from the capital city. The technique used is known as the waist loom, and its main raw material is cotton. The basis of the waist loom is an ancestral technique that involves weaving thread by thread to create the figures embodied in the textile. It takes between 72 to 96 hours to make a dog collar using this technique.

Leather: Our leather is a 100% recycled material, obtained from breeding places to avoid sacrificing animals for its production. We use a technique called "talavarteria," which involves 100% treated, sanded, and polished leather made by hand by saddlers from the same region.

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