Special projects and Wholesale

This is Latin America has a space focused on special and wholesale projects, for restaurants, hotels, retail stores, or any other entity that requires this service. To achieve this, we have a deep and diverse portfolio of Latin American products and we work closely with the hands that carry them out. We want to be your main supplier of the best and finest Latin American products. For example.

  • Copper
  • Ceramic
  • Textile
  • Rugs
  • Pillows
  • Talavera
  • Fabrics
  • Marble
  • and much more….

Product Design and Quality Standards

Our Special projects & wholesale division covers all stages of the supply chain. However, recognizing that the design of our products and their quality is a core element to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we put special emphasis on this point.

Depending on the need of your project, it will be the way in which the This is Latin America team will get involved with the artisans.

If the approach is wholesale, we will cover all the details to ensure excellent quality.

But if in addition the project requires a special work at the design level, the dynamic will involve a deep work, where a team of specialists and interdisciplinary will be integrated that represents all the parties, and in this way create something unique and that responds to the needs raised.

Importation and customs

An important step is the import of the products, step that thanks to the experience of This is Latin America will be simple, transparent and under strict security protocols. We will work according to the needs of our clients, no matter where they are located, or which border we have to cross.


Commitment and seriousness are two words that guide our shipping policies. Although our products involve craft processes and their manufacturing times vary as a result of many factors, our proximity to our suppliers allows us to ensure that shipments are in time to be transported.


A special service that ensures customer satisfaction is to ensure that our products reach our customer’s needs. Whether by land, sea or air, This is Latin America has strategic alliances to ensure that this important step is met with the highest standards of safety, both on the road and for the products.

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