‘Truth/Lie’ on the border


The wall as a motive, not only for a representation of the division between peoples, but as an uprising of lies and truths, The most recent installation by Mexican artist Stefan Brüggemann through his project Truth/Lie can be seen on the fences of the northern border.

In collaboration with the Pequod Co.gallery, the project, located on the roof of The Tunnel House, is composed of two pieces: on the American side, located in El Paso, Texas, is the word ‘Lie’ made of neon red lights, white and blue, while on the Mexican side, in Ciudad Juárez, the word ‘Truth’ rises.

The installation invites people on both sides of the border to look up and, in this way, show the disinformation promoted daily from social networks, media and power.

Photo: Etsy it
Photo: Etsy it

The colors not only allude to the flag of the neighboring country, but they function as a message capable of being understood for those who interact in that social context and also for those who come from other places.
“I feel like I’m at a traffic light where all the lights are on. As we move deeper into the information age, the mass reproduction of words and images erodes language and fractures objectivity,” said the artist from Mexico City.

The installation will be visible on both sides from 3 November until 30 January 2021.

Information:: El Financiero

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