We provide quality products to enrich the everyday lives.

We support Artisans

This is Latin America is a project that brings you closer to the colors, flavors, textures, and everything that makes our culture unique. Our store will make you feel you are transported to that small street in Oaxaca, that little market in Puebla or that third generation family owned little shop in Patzcuaro. We want you to experience the folklore and traditions of Latin America through our products.

And Celebrate Diversity

Through your purchase you are contributing so these stories never end. This is Latin America supports a number of projects that impact families and communities, so they can continue working in techniques passed from generation to generation that go from shaping clay and hammering copper to embroidering multicolored shapes and more.

With Quality Products

Apart from supporting various projects, our products are made with the highest quality materials and techniques: from the strictly traditional to proposals that merge with the latest trends. That’s  one of the reasons why we are sure that you will find only the best here.