Oaxaca, sanctuary of artisans

In Oaxaca, there are 570 municipalities, 16 ethnic groups, and 8 regions. It is one of the 3 states in Mexico with the greatest number of artisanal techniques. At the Instituto Oaxaqueño de las Artesanías, they work hand in hand with all the oaxaqueño artisans. They are focusing right now on commercializing these artisans’ work, but also on improving artisanal techniques.

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Oaxaca, sanctuary of artisans

  In Oaxaca the ground is alive, minerals are transformed into colors and the wood of the trees is transformed into magical creatures. In a

Oaxaca, santuario de artesanos

  En Oaxaca la tierra está viva, los minerales se transforman en colores y la madera de los árboles es transformada en criaturas mágicas. De


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