Latin women in action

We celebrate the accomplishments of those who’ve become pioneers in various fields, and are proudly latinas.

Pía León

Instagram/ Pía León

Her creations have exalted Peruvian gastronomy to the point that she was chosen as the The World’s Best Female Chef Award 2021 and Best Female Chef in Latin America in 2018. 

Yalitza Aparicio

Instagram/ Yalitza Aparicio

She was the first indigenous Mexican woman to be nominated to the Oscar as Best Actor, and she is now an advocate for gender equality.

Isabella Springmühl

Isabella Springmühl
Instagram/ Isabella Springmühl

At age 19, she became the first Guatemalan fashion designer with Down syndrome to participate in Fashion’s Week in London. She began designing in an autodidact manner. Nowadays, everybody wants to wear her outfits.

Susana López

Crédito: Fundación UNAM

According to UNESCO, this Mexican woman has been key in the study of rotavirus, which has been the cause of death of thousands of children every year around the world. She won the L-Oreal UNESCO prize in 2021.

Dolores Huerta

Crédito: Compassion & Choices

 She is considered one of the most influential Latin women in the US. She has dedicated herself to the fight for civil and labor rights for Hispanics and agricultural workers.

Sonia Sotomayor

Cortesía: Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos

In 2009, she became the first Hispanic judge to reach the Supreme Court of the US. A few weeks ago, she was in charge of the swearing in of Kamala Harris.

Elisa Carrillo Cabrera

Instagram/ Elisa Carrillo Cabrera

She was the first Mexican to obtain the title of the Prima Ballerina in one of the most important ballet companies in the world: the Staatsballett Berlin.

Michelle Bachelet

Cortesía: ONU

She studied medicine, was the president of Chile on two occasions, and was the first Executive Director of the United Nations for gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Mayra González

Instagram/ Mayra González

This Mexican woman began her career as a car dealer, and, years later, her dedication took her to Japan as General Director of Global Sales for Nissan.

Ángela Becerra

Ángela Becerra
Instagram/ Ángela Becerra

She is one of the writers with the most sales in Hispanic America. Her magical idealism novels have led her to her win numerous prizes.


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