How to Decorate your Table for Christmas with Good Vibes

Written by Analine Cedillo / Translated by: Diana Esquivel

How to Decorate your Table for Christmas with Good Vibes

Gatherings around the table to share the Christmas Holidays have a greater meaning this 2020, and in This is Latin America we want to make some suggestions as to how to create an atmosphere that surprises your partner, roommates, and family. No matter how small the celebration is, the idea is that everybody feels recharged with positive energy, united, and ready to receive the New Year.

 To learn about trends and what must not be missing from our Christmas table, we talked to Diana Padilla, a native mexican and expert in organizing events and celebrations.

These are her 10 recommendations: 

1. Tell a story with your decorations

Think about what your guests will feel when they see the set up. Ask yourself what your guests would like, what could make them feel comfortable and welcomed in your space. Moreover, include some touches that reflect your personality. 

2. Dare to play

Beyond the typical green, red, and white, the trend today is to create surprising combinations that are not fixed. “The trend now is to play with textures and brightness. It is very interesting because it allows you to explore, invent, and in the end, that is what creates the warmth”, says the expert.

3. Use textiles on your table

Handmade tablecloths and napkins, including the ones made in backstrap looms by artisans from Chiapas, will give your decorations a very special touch. The trend is open fabrics and natural fibers.

4. Choose artisanal tableware

Tableware plays a vital role in the decoration of the table and can enhance the dishes you serve. “We are focusing a lot on artisanal finishes”, says Diana. For instance, plates are made with clay from Oaxaca, or talavera from Puebla. To create a more welcoming effect, think about placing the plates in layer and place one on top of the other of different sizes. 

5. Don't skim on details

For decoration to be memorable, ensure that at the beginning of the celebration the table is completed with no empty spaces. When you choose the elements to add to your table, keep in mind that the trend is the oversized accessories. 

6. Add brightness

In addition to handmade finishes, use of stones and natural fibers, another of the strong trends are the metallic ones: copper, gold, and silver. Create a harmonious set with these elements; incorporate a copper jug or shaker made in Michoacan.

7. Take care of lighting

Create a nice ambience on and around the table. You can choose to set the place in dim light to make it more cozy, using candles on chandeliers made of talavera from Puebla or one made of embossed brass from Oaxaca. Alternatively, you can use indirect light: with a lamp that lights a wall instead of directly toward the table. 

8. Add a touch of life

Adding plants and flowers as centerpieces is essential. “It is important because they are life and we always want to have this element at the center of our table”, Diana explains. We can use different jugs, and, even better, if they are handmade by artisans in materials such as “barro bruñido” from Michoacan, or other parts of Latin America.

9. Don't miss the toasts

A key part of the celebrations is the moment to toast for the good times and to wish there are better times to come. In addition to glassware for wine, cocktails, and champagne, Diana recommends setting the shot glasses to toast with distilled latin drinks: mezcal, tequila, aguardiente, or pisco just to mention some. 

10. Pamper your guests

The trend this year has been small family or close friends gatherings. “This also allows you to create a more personalized assembly, with more detail and more feeling”, explains Diana. It can be anything, even something as simple as a card with the name of each guest. This tells them you thought about them. Another idea is to create a print out menu or a small present they can take home as a memory of the dinner. 

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