10 Perfect Presents For Under 20 Dollars

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas present, but you have a limited budget, do not worry! There are several options for incredible presents that won't hurt your bank account. These are some ideas:

It Never Fails

Even if we don’t want to admit it, we always need mugs to drink some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate  during this cold weather.

This piece stands out for being made in Oaxaca with a black clay technique. 

To Forget a Bad Love

“For everything bad that may happen, there’s Mezcal, and for everything good, the same.”

 As one of the most famous sayings related to Mezcal, it undoubtedly is always present when you are heartbroken. 

This mezcalero stands out for its shape and it’s handmade with an ancient clay technique. Additionally, it is the perfect drink to have a good time with your friends.

To Not Stop Toasting

If the design of the previous mezcalero isn’t convincing, we have a more simple one in purple. 

This is the quinntessential piece for all fans of the artisanal since it’s handmade in Oaxaca with clay. It will certainly make your drinks taste better. 

Another Alternative

Whether for mezcal or tequila, these small cups are ideal to toast with friends or with your significant other on a special occasion. They are the perfect present for that friend who has a minimalist decoration in his/her house.

Out of the Ordinary

If you know someone who loves kitchen accessories, then they need this pitcher made of palm leaves.

These materials are elaborated in the mountains of south Mexico in Tlamacazapa, a community in Taxco de Alarcon, in the state of Guerrero.  it is worth knowing that almost the entire community works making palm products. This is an ancient  art that has been preserved for centuries.

Basically Art

If one of your friends just got married this year and you want to give her/him a special present, then you should choose these  napkins in mustard color.

As soon as you have them in your hands, you will realize the quality, care, and love its elaboration implies. They are made using a backstrap loop in Chiapas, Mexico. 

A Fun Touch

Cup holders are always needed in gatherings; they usually have a very simple design. However, that is not the case with this cup holder in the shape of a hand.

They are made using an artisanal technique from Michoacan, Mexico.


If you’re looking for a unique mug, then check this one out. Besides keeping your coffee hot longer, its design will surely catch people’s attention.

An Exotic Side

If you’re looking for something even more unique for that very creative friend of yours, then this is the perfect piece. It is handmade and it might even be considered a modern work of art for its 3-leg design. It is a design that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Plant Lovers

Almost all of us have that friend who never stops getting plants, so what better than to give her/him this small pot with the design of a face.

It was made with a technique of burnished clay which makes it irresistible. 

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