Eight Presents To Surprise Your Girlfriend This Holidays

Written by Analine Cedillo / Translated by: Diana Esquivel

Celebrating love during these holidays is more important than ever. In This is Latin America we know this, and that’s why we want to show you eight presents that are handmade by artisans in different parts of Mexico. We are certain they will make your significant other feel special!

Black Embroidery Puebla Purse

A purse is one of those accessories you can never have enough of. These ones, from our collection, “Cholula Chula”, were handmade by the women’s collective “Anita” in the state of Puebla. Their embroidery and preparation takes about 64 hours of work, and the best part: each piece is unrepeatable and unique.

Wool Shawl

Handmade in Oaxaca, this shawl is the perfect touch of style to any outfit. It is also a great garment to keep you warm since it’s made of wool, a natural and durable fabric. Besides ivory, this shawl is also available in green, light pink with gray, and purple.

Rainbow Set

Show her how much you love her by bringing her coffee to bed in these beautiful handmade ceramic coffee mugs from Puebla. The creator, Adriana Campos, is a Mexican native who combines techniques from different countries and communities to create truly unique products.

Mug Viruta

Nothing like hot chocolate to make your heart happy. Give your girl the perfect excuse to share a coffee with this unique mug. It’s design was inspired by the folds made on paper when creating origami. They are made in high temperature ceramic by a family of artisans in Mexico City that have been in the business for over three decades.

Heart Mezcal Shot Rustic Clay

The saying goes, “For everything bad that may happen, there’s Mezcal,and for everything good, the same.” So during these holidays, make a toast to everything that you have experienced together this year with these beautiful heart-shaped mezcaleros. They are made of Oaxacan clay, following the prehispanic tradition of the area.

Mezcal Tasting Set


For the occasion when you have special guests over, you will surely feel happy to share a toast with this set. Each mezcalero is made with high temperature ceramic in a workshop in Mexico City, and it’s complemented by a handmade wooden tray (to add the worm salt), in a carpentry in Aguascalientes.

Green Astro Flower Pot


Add a touch of joy to your space with this flower pot made by Michoacan hands. The artisans follow techniques that date back to prehsipanic times, with designs that enhance any interior. And of course, bring her flowers often!

Red Heart Decoration

This is one of the favorite pieces from our large collection. We like its eloquence and that it truly reflects the work made by artisans. A t the hands of Don Jose, with a traditional technique from Michoacan called “barro bruñido”.   We hope she remembers how much you love her every time she looks at this piece. 

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