Subtropicalia is a Mexican clothing brand, founded in early 2015 by Andrea Galindo in Guadalajara, Mexico. Our essentials are flowing garments, with an air of freedom and lightness; pieces that hug and adapt to different body types, some unisex.
Inspired by nature, architecture and poetry, in how to explore oneself and get to know our inner world through other subjects.

Our fabrics are made of natural fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo and linen. Mostly from national suppliers, with whom we work hand in hand to decide new colors and textures.

Versatility is a main characteristic of our pieces, almost all of them are designed to be styled in more than one way for different occasions.

Our processes are 100% human. From design and concept, to laying the fabric and cutting it, sewing and finishing, everything is done inside our workshop in Guadalajara. Giving love and attention to every detail.

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