Estuardo Meda & Co. is a sustainable luxury brand founded in August 2022. Our company takes a holistic spiritual approach, understanding how each individual is connected through the same universally shared energy. At Estuardo Meda & Co. we define sustainability through a high standard quality of life that’s rooted in respect for the planet, people and our collective connection. All precious materials are sourced from indigenous communities. We believe each person can have a spiritual journey and our hats reflect this concept. Our products are curated by the originator of this concept, designer Estuardo Meda. He believes that we are all one, all important, and all have a mission in life.

Mission Statement:
Estuardo Meda & Co. offers quality products using authentic and sustainable materials. Helping individuals see the best within themselves, connecting who they are together with the universe. Estuardo Meda & Co. is proud to take part in the enrichment of each of his clients’ lives and holds a strong belief that we are all one. Our goal is to promote personal awareness, therein helping individuals reach their maximum potential through fashion and spiritual alignment.

Estuardo Meda & Co. is a sustainable brand ethically sourcing and supporting indigenous communities around the globe, mostly in Latin America. Custom hats aim to improve the lives of everyone everywhere while achieving this together in a responsible sense. Precious materials from indigenous populations across the globe include rocks, stones, gems, and crystals. Using these materials consistently bares the environment in mind. Estuardo Meda & Co. believes in inspiring other artists and innovative companies to do the same and collaborates with creatives in New York City to help move art and fashion.
Estuardo Meda & Co. also curates art around New York City by collaborating with rising and upcoming artists.

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