Caja Marcela, the box you’ve been waiting for is finally here!

Caja Macela_ This is Latin America


Caja Marcela is an incredibly beautiful project, curated by Chef Marcela. This project in collaboration with “This Is Latin America” is very dear to her heart. All items are made by hand with the incredibly hard work and effort of artisans from all over Mexico. This box represents the heart, soul, and imagination of each artisan family that has helped along the way. In it, you will find specialized items representing different trades and techniques. Crafts that have been perfected over years, passed down from generation to generation by artisans who proudly share their culture and traditions with you.

It is a new year, a time of new beginnings, and that is exactly what Caja Marcela was made for. More than items, this specially designed and curated box represents renewal, rebirth, rejuvenation, and restoration. This collection of handmade items is everything you need for a cleansing ritual.


Every beginning of the year we tend to set resolutions to start new cycles and change our lives towards the positive. We seek to close cycles each end of the year to improve, and one of the main techniques is to project goals through a cleansing ritual.

Remember that the main key is you, if you propose you will achieve all your goals. If you are looking to attract positive energy into your life during the next year, decree and project your goals.

The atmosphere of our home influences a lot to make good vibration flow, that is why it is recommended to light copal incense to harmonize and eliminate all the negative energy. The use of candles or copal resin can help increase your mood, and therefore attract positive energy.

The box includes a multi-use clay bowl, two candle holders, two rustic beeswax candles, a floating flower candle, a wool mat, and 4 copal incenses. For more information on the origin of the products, see the details below.

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