How to decorate with crafts and improve your well being

Renovating and taking care of our space can be a demonstration of self-love, especially with handcrafted pieces and elements that make us feel closer to nature.
We talked to Geraldine Padilla, -a Mexican architect and anthropologist who lived in Chiapas for several months among artisan women- about contemporary decoration practices and how we can transform our spaces. These are some of her tips:

Go for the handmade products

Add artisanal elements that make the environment richer and attract attention: use textile as a table runner, a clay flower pot, a woven rug next to your bed, or a glass jug on your desk.


Fill every corner with life!

Pandemic has made us realize the importance of being in touch with nature, and now more than ever, we can feel its benefits, such as reductions in stress, mental exhaustion, and insomnia. Bring that feeling of well being by placing some plants around the house or creating a small garden with fragrant herbs.


Incorporate natural fibers

Materials such as linen, cotton, wood, or ixtle are great resources that provide spaces with warmth. Wicker and palm baskets harmonize spaces with plants. Bonus tip: placing a blanket and some pillows is an invitation to have a relaxing time during the day.


Conquer every space

Try to surround yourself with elements that transmit who you are, what you love doing, or what makes you feel good. Decoration is an expression of self love and self care; think of your space as an extension of yourself.