5 ways to decorate your home with a handmade rugs

There is an infinity of sizes, colors, and textures; however, the best thing about a handmade rug is that it is the ideal element to make a home more cozy or give it a creative touch.

Creativity and peculiarity

Decorating your walls or living room with rugs can fill with originality and color in a very simple way. You just have to look for an option that by its design adapts to what you are looking for or visualizes for a certain area of the house.
Another option not to struggle is to choose a rug with geometric shapes, since its simplicity becomes elegance.


Perfect for remodeling

If you spend a lot of time in your home and you want to make it more comfortable, or you just want to remodel it a bit without spending a fortune, then it’s time for you to choose a corner and take possession of it to turn it into your reading space, fill it with plants or just to rest.



Original headboards

Decorating a bedroom can be very expensive, especially when you are starting your home, so, if your budget is limited or you just don’t want something ordinary; then choose a rug as a headboard.
Ideally, it should be medium thick, not very heavy and you can place it on a wooden pole, put it as if it were a curtain road, or simply put it above the bed to delimit spaces.



Delimit spaces

It is very common for many houses or apartments to have the living and the dining room sharing spaces. To delimit both, use a creative and visual way to do it. Just throw a rug below one of them and you got it.




Use it as a Throw

Although there are countless throw blankets in the market, many of them are very simple and common, so choose wisely and use a handmade thin rug instead.

This way you will have a special design with a unique piece, which gives a plus to the decoration and will reflect your personality much more in such an intimate space.