12 celebrations that you probably did not know about Latin America

If there is something that is never lacking in Latin America, it is the celebrations. Regardless of the date or the country, in this region there is always a celebration full of history, tradition, and beautiful moments. Now that 2021 is about to start, here are 12 celebrations—one per month—that are totally worth knowing and being a part of...as long as the places are safe to travel!

A Unique Battle

January - Mexico

1 Enero México
Courtesy: Chiapas Tourism

In the state of Chiapas every year the traditional Fiesta Grande de Chiapa de Corzo is celebrated.

This festival is famous for the colorful parade of the parachicos, dancers who wear a wooden mask, colored serape, and a rattle. The simulation of a naval combat with pyrotechnic fires is also carried out on the Grijalva river.

More than just a carnaval

Febrero - Uruguay

Courtesy: Municipality of Uruguay

The Uruguay Carnival is very different from any other and not well known. A principal part is the candombe, a musical rhythm where drums predominate and have a strong African ancestry.

This festival lasts several weeks and has several mobile and fixed stages in which there are countless dances and concerts.

A Unique Tradition

March - Costa Rica

Photo: Cirze Tinajero

Costa Rica, where everything is Pura Vida, National Boyero Day is celebrated, especially in the community of San Antonio de Escazú. Every second Sunday of March a colorful oxcart parade goes from the center of Escazú to the Church of San Antonio, where the blessing of the animals and future harvests take place.

Good Trot

April - Peru

Courtesy: Peru Travel

The National Peruvian Paso Horse Contest is an event that takes place in Mamacona, located in the Lima region. This event brings together hundreds of lovers of equines. There are more than 700 horses presented in this competition, where their performance is evaluated in different tests and shows.

Of Great Tradition

May - Venezuela

Courtesy: Mayor of Caracas

The Velorio de Cruz de Mayo is a cultural and religious manifestation that has been celebrated for more than 150 years throughout Venezuela.

In many regions of this country every Saturday in May special altars for the cross are prepared in private homes. It is a tradition to decorate the cross, mount it on an altar, and light it up. 

In some communities, such as Choroní and Puerto Colombia, its inhabitants participate in a great party on the banks of the boardwalk and wake up to the rhythm of drums.

With good rhythm

June - Brazil

Courtesy: Visit Brasil

In the heart of the Amazon, the Bumba-Meu-Boi de Maranhão is a Brazilian cultural festival held more than 200 years ago in the historic city of São Luís.

This event fills the streets with colors, various rhythms, and presentations by various folk groups that turn the city into a great open-air stage.

With a Musical Side

July - Chile

7 julio chile
Courtesy: Go Chile

On July 16 of each year the La Tirana Fair is held. A town that attracts thousands of believers and tourists who experience customs, dances, songs, and processions first hand. The most distinctive aspect of this celebration is a mass performed with Inca music.

Much color

August - Colombia

Courtesy: Visit Colombia

The Flower Fair is one of the most important events in Medellín. Without a doubt, the parade of silleteros is the central act of the fair and it is a journey of silletas, pieces of wood with handles that serve to carry large quantities of flowers.

Its origin dates back to colonial times where they were used to carry people through the mountains of the region.

Full of faith

September - República Dominicana

Courtesy: Visit Dominican Republic

Every September 24, Dominicans who profess the Catholic faith celebrate an important date: the Day of Our Lady of Mercy, a patron saint of the Dominican Republic.

It is a religious holiday in the country and a non-working day. It is a tradition to visit Santo Cerro, in La Vega, where the sanctuary of the patron saint of the Dominican people is located.

Fusion of Cultures

October - Ecuador

Courtesy: Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador

La Mama Negra, known as Santísima Tragedia, is a traditional festival typical of the city of Latacunga.

The central figure of the event is precisely La Mama Negra, always personified by a man who dyes his face black and his fleshy lips an intense crimson red, from his head a long and curly hair is born, adorned with colored ribbons.

With Your Own Hands

November - Chile

11 nov diciembre
Courtesy Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Chile

Since 2013, each November 7th is National Artisan Day—officially celebrated in Chile with the purpose of recognizing those who keep the practice of crafts and traditions alive.

Usually from November 6th to 8th, a handicraft exhibition is held as well as workshops on wood crafts, textiles, goldsmithing, ceramics and painting, among others.

A Unique moment

December - Guatemala

Courtesy: Visit Guatemala

The Feast of Saint Thomas lasts eight days in the Chi-Chi Hills. Around 100,000 indigenous Mayans gather there to honor the local patron, Santo Tomás.

The highlight is the Palo Volador: four acrobats climb to the top of a 100-foot wooden pole with ropes tied to their ankles. From there they jump and start turning upside down at high speeds.


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